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    Our Story

    Hello, the name of our company is Creative Crowd and we like to describe it as a professional enterprise with a family flair. My name is Alvis and my friend and co owner is Marcis. Together we create and produce the wall art designs you see featured on this site.  Our wives, Eva and Sandra help with marketing and accounting, making this a joint operation equally shared by two families.

    At this time Creative Crowd is based in Drombanna, a small town in western Ireland just outside of Limerick. A short drive from some of most picturesque places in Ireland - Cliffs of Moher, Ring of Kerry, Connors Pass. Too many to name them all !

    The idea for our business was sparked by the usual life events. One was the closure of the Dell computer factory where Marcis and I were employed. We both had growing families (I had a daughter who was soon to be joined by triplets, Marcis also had a baby girl). Needless to say, we had to support our loved ones, but with busy households and huge demands on our time, we felt conventional 9 to 5 employment was no longer practical.

     Aware of the increasing popularity of internet sales, we decided to jump into the market.  We started with small items – personalized phone cases and decorative, fun stickers for cars, laptops and other gadgets.

    The idea for large (tree) decals came from an unusual circumstance. The crèche (kindergarten) my elder daughter was attending moved to a new location, and I was asked to create some sticker-type decorations for the entrance. That grew from a few small stickers to two large tree themes for the staircase walls, one jungle theme for the hallway, and a fruit and vegetable theme for the lunch room.

    Marcis and I worked together on the crèche project and were thrilled with the process and results. It wasn’t long before we opened a tree sticker line and now, a few years later, we work almost exclusively with large wall stickers.

    What started as a small side project working out of a garage, has expanded into a workshop large enough to accommodate the growth the company has experienced. 

    We’ve come a long way. Today we have a wide variety of self adhesive vinyl stickers, from monograms, to home, nursery and office décor. We create our wall art products with you in mind, and hope you enjoy them as much as we do.